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What is Cowboy Action Shooting?

Watch this video to learn more about this fun sport.

owboy Action Shooting
(CAS) sports are the fastest growing shooting sports today! This family activity offers something for everyone; the thrill and challenge of competition, fellowship with like-minded firearm enthusiasts, and the opportunity to dress up in your favorite western outfit and relive your childhood dreams of being at “home on the range”. Getting started in this sport is easy and is just a phone call away.

The Tri-County Gun Club TCGC and The Orygun Cowboys host regular matches for two separate Cowboy Action Shooting disciplines. One Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) match and one Western 3 Gun (W3G) match is offered per month, each governed by the rules of its respective organization. In each match, participants choose a competition category based on age, shooting style, ammo (smokeless or blackpowder), gender, or attire.

Our club is located in an urban environment and TCGC requires that all match participants be proficient in safe firearm handling and specific TCGC procedures. If you are new to Cowboy Action Shooting and/or TCGC, we will mentor you through your first match or until you reach proficiency.

The firearms used are originals or replicas from the 1800’s with shooters typically using two single action revolvers, a lever or pump action rifle, and a shotgun of choice (a double barrel, a lever action or the infamous Winchester Model 1897 pump).

Targets are set to create a scenario in which the objective is to advance through it as swiftly as possible. Time penalties are added to raw times for each target missed or for a procedural violation and time bonuses are subtracted from the raw times for accuracy. Our sport uses live ammunition and most targets are made from steel plates that “ding” when hit.  Because we place these targets at fairly close ranges we require that only lead ammo and not any type of jacketed ammo be used. Reactive targets are also used and must move or fall to count as a hit. 

CAS is more than just a competitive shooting sport. Our cowboy “family” offers many opportunities to get involved socially. Chili feeds are common as well as potluck gatherings, work party, prop building, and other activities provide opportunities for you to share your knowledge and help improve our cowboy community. And CAS matches are hosted all over the the US and the world offering opportunity to travel and meet new folks while engaging in challenging competition.

Playing cowboy and having fun is the main ingredient in this sport! The old west style clothing sets us apart from the rest of the shooting sports with the costuming options being endless. Whether emulating Hollywood legends like Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, or infamous old west characters like Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley, Wyatt Earp, or Jesse James, each shooter creates his or her own persona to relive the Old West. 


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